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Sanofi (SNY)

Posted: February, 11, 2018

Sanofi is a leading global drug company that offers a wide range of medicines, vaccines, and innovative therapeutic solutions, as well as engages in extensive research and development. When we made our initial investment in September 2014, we were attracted to Sanofi’s patent-protected drugs which carry strong pricing power, which in turn enable the company … Continue reading “Sanofi (SNY)”

Sanofi SA (SNY)

Posted: September, 23, 2016

Sanofi develops and markets pharmaceuticals with a concentration in oncology, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system disorders, diabetes, and vaccines. The company offers a diverse array of drugs with its highest revenue generator, Lantus, representing over 15% of total sales. About 30% of total revenue comes from the United States and 25% from Europe. Over the … Continue reading “Sanofi SA (SNY)”

Core Equity Portfolio Changes

Posted: March, 1, 2016

The level of cash within the Core Equity composite is a direct function of valuation.  As companies within the portfolio approach or exceed our current estimate of fair value, we reduce or eliminate the position. Ideally, there are existing opportunities within the current portfolio to recycle that capital or add new capital to existing positions. … Continue reading “Core Equity Portfolio Changes”

Sanofi SA (SNY)

Posted: October, 29, 2014

Our new portfolio investment in Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical company, received the proverbial one-two punch over the last two days.  The company reported earnings yesterday that met expectations but then stated that sales of its diabetes treatments, particularly its Lantus drug treatment, in the United States would remain flat next year.  “Katie bar the door”, because … Continue reading “Sanofi SA (SNY)”

Sanofi SA (SNY)

Posted: September, 29, 2014

Sanofi researches, develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products.  The company operates in three segments: Pharmaceuticals, Human Vaccines, and Animal Health.  Sanofi distributes its products through its sales force, as well as through physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, distributors, veterinaries, chemists, and wholesalers.  The company was formerly known as Sanofi-Aventis and changed its name to Sanofi in May … Continue reading “Sanofi SA (SNY)”

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