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Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Posted: April, 28, 2011

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) announced it would buy Synthes, Inc. for $21.3 billion in cash and stock. It is the largest takeover in JNJ’s 125-year history. The purchase will give JNJ a dominant position in the trauma market–Synthes dominates 50% of the market for sales of screws, plates, bone grafts, and other products to treat … Continue reading “Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)”

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Posted: September, 2, 2010

We find it quite interesting and definitely compelling that equities of well-financed U.S. multinationals are selling at some of the lowest valuation in years, if not decades. Many of these U.S. multinationals now outyield the 10-year Treasury note. While academics teach that lower interest rates imply higher price-earnings multiples, many of our portfolio blue chip … Continue reading “Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)”

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